Special Education Parents, the weight of your child's future is on your shoulders!  I get it, and I can help!


This advocacy and mentorship program is for you if...

  • You experience sleepless nights worrying about how well you are fulfilling your responsibilities in preparing your child for the day they age out of school and becomes an adult.
  • You have no clear roadmap for your teen’s future.
  • You panic about the unknowns of transitioning him/her from special education services to adult services.
  • You worry if your teen will have the skills required to become independent as possible, obtain competitive employment and experience a lifelong love for learning by the time they graduate.  
  • Plus, so much more!  

Do not let your fear steal your child's dreams!


Show me how!

Emotions to Advocacy...

Before you know it, your child will be graduating from high school.  You have a sense of fear and doom that your teen is currently not on the correct trajectory to have the necessary skills, knowledge and experiences to live their 'best life' as an adult.  

This advocacy and mentorship program will teach you the strategies and gain the advocacy confidence to maximize the special education services, supports and procedural safeguards that your teen is entitled too, right now, so your fears no longer holds them back from achieving their fullest potential in the 'real world'.  

I am on a mission to assist parents, like you, to build better IEPs and Transition Plans that will prepare your teen to become future-ready with the one-of-a-kind Permission to Dream Big Program!

That's me! Tell me more!

Imagine Preparing Your Teen for a Future Where They...

  • Obtain meaningful employment and with their contributions they have a sense of belonging, value and purpose.  
  • Confidently self-advocates for themselves so they are adequately supported, needs are met and remains safe within their home & community.  
  • Have the functional life skills to live independently based on their unique needs.  
  • Are accepted and respected in their community & can showcase their authentic self.
  • Enjoy a life-long love of learning through continued education, hobbies, recreational activities and/or friendships.  
  • Will have the necessary skills, supports and confidence to thrive beyond the death of their primary caregiver.  

Ready to create an IEP & Transition Plan focused on preparing your teen for adulthood, so they have an opportunity to experience their fullest potential after high school?  

I'm ready!

Believe in your child until the world thinks you are crazy then believe more!

Too often inexperienced professionals & broken systems will define your child's future with extremely low expectations.  Such as being unemployed or underemployed and living in an abusive, neglected or isolated system of care, etc.

Your child deserves to achieve higher outcomes than today's status quo!  This advocacy and mentorship program is uniquely designed to tap into the hopes and dreams that no one but you and your child sees within them.  Plus, gives you the skills and knowledge needed to successfully navigate the special education journey so your teen's last day of school looks like the first day of the rest of their lives!


Get the Resources and Training You Need to Prepare your Special Education Teenager for life after high school.  

As parents, we hope for the best as our child's future unfolds.  Unfortunately, individuals typically have low expectations for their future outcomes.  This is the program for you, if you no longer accept the status quo and ready to 'dream big' by leveling-up your student's IEP and create a customized Transition Plan so they become prepared to achieve their fullest potential, in the 'real world', with employment, independent living and a life-long love of learning, based on their unique needs.  

This comprehensive step-by-step transition planning program is your first step to prepare your teen for unimaginable success in the future!

I'm in!

4-Step Method to Create Meaningful Student & Future-Ready Focused IEPs & Transition Plans!


Permission to Dream Big Program is exactly what you need to prepare your child for the 'Real World'.  This entire program is built around preparing a student's last day of school, to look like the first day of the rest of their lives!  It is delivered through video presentations, booklet, checklists, and worksheets.

Check out the details of what you will learn & receive below! 

STEP 1:  Dream Big!

  • Connection between IDEA Law, Transition Planning & IEP.
  • Transition Planning: Why, When & Who
  • Roles & Responsibilities of IEP Team Members
  • 'Real World' Vision Statement
  • Postsecondary Transition Goals 


STEP 2:  Action Plan

  • Fundamentals of Age-Appropriate Assessments (IEP & Postsecondary Transitioning)
  • Independent Living Skills Inventory
  • Fundamentals of SMART IEP Goals & connecting Postsecondary Goals to IEP Goals. 
  • Related Services & Activities:  Inventory of Options
  • Graduation Pathway
  • Individualized Postsecondary Transition Plan Specifically Designed for your Teen


STEP 3:  Community Connections

  • Adult Services Exploration Checklists:
    • Day Habilitation Tour
    • Residential / Group Home Tour
    • In-Home Care Provider Interview
    • Job Coach Interview


Step 4:  Exiting Special Education

  • Summary of Performance (SOP)
  • Age of Majority
    • Transfer of Rights
    • Estate Planning
  • Comparing the IDEA, Section 504 and ADA Laws


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Experience Permission to Dream Big Program

Where we successfully transition unique learners into the 'real world'!

We guarantee it by offering these amazing features!

Lifetime access to a customizable toolkit & resources to create your own Postsecondary Transition Plan.
Skills and knowledge to bring your own ideas to the IEP table and become an equal team member.
Knowledge how to eliminate a cookie cutter education and use a strength based and future-ready approach.  
Checklists to make informed decisions about adult services.
Ability to recognize a SMART goal and impact to future-ready outcomes.
Transforming your emotion of being overwhelmed too empowerment!
Let's get started!

Hi I'm Lisa!

I'm an IEP Coach, Postsecondary Transition Specialist, and a mom of a child with a disability.  

I’m on a mission to help parents cultivate a vision for the future of their special needs student after high school and provide the services needed to make that future happen!

I have unique first-hand experiences navigating the world of educational and medical systems for individuals with special needs — I myself was born blind and I’m blessed to be the mom of an autistic son.

Today, I offer customized services to help parents, teachers, and students dream big, find hope, and celebrate every success. Your special needs child deserves to live a joyful life and to thrive as an adult – and I’m here to help you make sure that happens.

Hear from my clients...

“We love Mosaic Haven’s collaborative approach to our daughter’s IEP team. Lisa has ensured all conversations are student-centered to ensure the team creates a strength-based and meaningful IEP that works for our daughter’s unique needs. Our daughter is more prepared than we could of imagined to become an independent adult because of how Lisa worked with the IEP team to ensure her goals were focused on preparing her for the future not just to meet core state standards.  This is the best investment we’ve made in our daughter’s life!” m mus. Mauris vel mauris. Orci fusce ipsum faucibus scelerisque."

- Wetzel family

"Uplifting inspiration, outside of the box solutioning and strong collaboration skills are the extraordinary strengths Lisa uses to level up a child’s IEP and create a detailed Transition Plan that my son’s school was eager to implement because of Lisa’s professionalism. For the first time ever, our son is excited to work on IEP goals now that he knows how the skills will directly help him achieve dreams, we once thought were unachievable for his adult life.  Thank you, Lisa, for making our dreams become reality!"

- O'Ryan, family

“Lisa is a powerhouse! When I went to her with help with my daughter who is transitioning from middle school to high school, Lisa broke down the process. Lisa helped me feel confident in knowing what a transition IEP looked like, and what should be included in my daughter’s high school IEP. I highly recommend her services.”

- Courtney, special needs mom

You have Permission to Dream Big and take action when it comes to your child's future!

See you inside, so we can begin your journey right away!

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3 Customizable & Affordably Priced Options

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DIY Package


Do-It-Yourself Self-Paced Course

  • Permission to Dream Big Course
  • Lifetime Access + Future Updates
  • Private Facebook Group
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Advocacy Package


Course + one-on-one coaching to create your child's Postsecondary Transition Plan in a day.

  • Permission to Dream Big Course
  • Lifetime Access + Future Updates
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 3-hour one-on-one coaching call to create your child's Permission to Dream Big Transition Plan.
  • Two thirty-minute one-on-one coaching calls for 30 days.  
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6-Month VIP Package


Course + 6 months of 1:1 Coaching + Exclusive Trainings + Direct Access to Lisa

  • Access to everything within the Advocacy Package, PLUS
  • Two thirty-minute one-on-one coaching calls monthly with Lisa.
  • Monday - Friday access to Lisa through an advocacy app to ask any questions. Lisa will respond twice a week.
  • Access to a private training program with monthly in-depth Postsecondary Transition Planning lessons.  
  • BONUS:  You'll get exclusive access to any resources, workshops or courses I have or create during the six months we work together!

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