IEP / 504 Plan

Our certified coaches assist families to create a positive partnership with their child’s school and ensure everyone is collaboratively working to achieve the same goals.

Who Benefits with Private IEP Consultation?

  • Parents that want to ensure their child’s individualized education plan is meaningful.
  • Parents who need to build their advocacy skills and relieve anxiety about
    what to ask for in their child’s education.
  • Parents who are confident in advocating for their child but need to know
    what to ask for.
  • Parents that feel overwhelmed by the IEP process
  • Parents who want access to ongoing advocacy support for their child.
  • Parents who have an advocate who attends meetings with them but want to sharpen their knowledge and skill, so they can make the best use of their advocate’s time.

Back-to-School Prep ($80-Limited Time Offer)

Engaged Students

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Let the 2018/2019 school year be the BEST EVER for your son or daughter!!! Your back to school prep work is different than the average parent. Remembering all the details can be overwhelming: Are the IEP supports in place? Making sure last year’s pitfalls do not happen again. What should I be asking for? Does the school team understand my child?

Let us help you simplify the process of getting back into the school routine! During a 60-minute Back-to-School Consultation, we will walk you step by step through each of these tools. They are the EXACT tools we’ve been using for years.

IEP Review & Action Plan ($100.00).

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Whether you are preparing for your first IEP meeting or just looking to polish up a current IEP, Mosaic Haven can help! We will walk you through each piece of the process and empower you to walk into your child’s IEP meeting ready to work with his/her team to create an IEP that will prepare your child for the future.

Your consult starts with you filling out a simple form that will highlight your top 3 concerns for your child’s education. You’ll send that form and your child’s current IEP to be reviewed. Next, you’ll have a 60-minute phone consultation where we will discuss your specific top 3 concerns for your child’s education and create solutions that will establish an IEP that meets your child’s unique needs. You won’t have to worry about taking notes. You’ll receive a recap of all points and action steps discussed. This will be YOUR ADVOCACY ACTION PLAN!

IEP Review & Ongoing Support. ($240)

504 PlanPurchase This Service

You know that you are your child’s best advocate. Nobody gets your child like you do. Now you need to make sure that the school team “gets” your child. This package is meant to meet your unique needs as an advocate, so you can attend your next IEP meeting with confidence. You will have ongoing access to our special needs advocacy services and will receive individualized strategies to get the whole IEP team working collaboratively towards the same vision.

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