IEP Review & Action Plan



Whether you are preparing for your first IEP meeting or just looking to polish up a current IEP, Mosaic Haven can help! We will walk you through each piece of the process and empower you to walk into your child’s IEP meeting ready to work with his/her team to create an IEP that will prepare your child for the future.

Your consult starts with you filling out a simple form that will highlight your top 3 concerns for your child’s education. You’ll send that form and your child’s current IEP to be reviewed. Next, you’ll have a 60-minute phone consultation where we will discuss your specific top 3 concerns for your child’s education and create solutions that will establish an IEP that meets your child’s unique needs. You won’t have to worry about taking notes. You’ll receive a recap of all points and action steps discussed. This will be YOUR ADVOCACY ACTION PLAN!


This includes:

  • A 60-minute phone, video or in-person consultation to go over your top 3 concerns.
  • Wrap-up e-mail to summarize what was talked about and give you an Advocacy Action Plan with ideas on what your next step is.
  • IEP checklist to help you advocate for your child’s IEP.


Perfect for:

  • Parents just starting the IEP process and need a baseline of knowledge.
  • Parents that don’t know where to start.
  • Parents that want general information, tips and strategies.
  • Parents that need last minute advice for an upcoming IEP meeting.


  • Upon purchase of services, Mosaic Haven will contact you within 2 business days to set up your consultation.
  • With extraordinary breakthroughs in technology, Mosaic Haven is able to serve families and organizations everywhere in Iowa and nationwide through FACETIME, SKYPE OR CONFERENCE CALL formats. In the event of a requested in-person consultation, speaking engagement or IEP meeting an additional travel cost may be applied for families and organizations outside of the Des Moines, Iowa Metro Area.
  • Mosaic Haven, LLC is NOT a practicing attorney and does not provide legal advice or legal services. Our goal is to help you understand the special education process, the procedures in place and assist you in advocating within these guidelines for your child. Mosaic Haven, LLC can help you understand and navigate the process of IEP/504 Plans but cannot guarantee any specific outcomes. All advocacy decisions are your own.
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