Behavioral Interventions & Independent Living Skills




*Note: You purchase these for hour-blocks of support. 

Our parenting consultations provide supports and programs that use evidence-based strategies to respond to targeted behaviors at home, school and in the community. Our parent tested and approved approach is customizable to each individual! Some examples include:

  • Identification of triggers and function of behaviors through data collection and analysis.
  • Creation and implementation of a comprehensive Behavioral Intervention Plan.
  • Use of visual planners, social stories, reward/incentive programs, coping skills, etc. to support and respond to behaviors.
  • Collaboratively work with the school and the client’s environment to implement effective accommodations.
  • Provide proactive solutions and clear expectations to reduce potential addictions such as social media, drugs and alcohol.
  • Implement strategies to strengthen executive functioning skills.


Who benefits?

  • Parents who want to strengthen the parent-child relationship.
  • Parents who want to feel empowered and increase confidence with their parenting skills.
  • Parents who wants to learn how to effectively parent in the digital world.
  • Parents who feel their child is not making progress with learning expected behaviors, communication/social skills, executive functioning skills, self-advocacy skills
  • Parents who are struggling navigating the mental health system and fragmented services.
  • Parents who feel isolated and as if no one understands their situation. Mosaic Haven is here to say we do understand, and you are not alone.
  • Organizations & Service Providers who work cooperatively with special needs families.
  • Organizations & Service Providers who want to bring value to special needs families.
  • Organizations & Service Providers who want to inspire their staff to help the children of all abilities succeed with action steps.

*Note: You purchase these for hour-blocks of support. 

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