Behavior Intervention & Family Peer Support




*Note: You purchase these for hour-blocks of support. 

Our Behavioral Interventions and Supports program uses evidence-based strategies to respond to targeted behaviors at home, school or in the community to mitigate the following:

  • Identification of triggers and function of behaviors through data collection and analysis
  • Collaboratively work with the school and the client’s environment to implement effective accommodations
  • Provide proactive solutions and clear expectations to reduce potential addictions such as social media, drugs and alcohol.
  • Implement strategies to strengthen executive functioning skills.

Family Peer Support includes:

Our non-clinical services are driven by lived experience and knowledge of mental health, and gives us the opportunity to teach, coach and mentor parents, caregivers and the community to be effective advocates.

  1. Teach parenting skills.
  2. Model and coach parent-child interactions, problem solving and conflict resolution skills.
  3. Assist families to plan for youth transition to adulthood.
  4. Help families navigate the behavioral health system of care.
  5. Track progress of goals.
  6. Coach families to advocate for themselves and their families.
  7. Teach families how to collaborate with providers in making decisions about their child’s care.
  8. Model good communication skills and share lived experience in a positive manner
  9. Create and facilitate family-to-family support groups

Who benefits?

  • Parents who want to strengthen the parent-child relationship.
  • Parents who want to feel empowered and increase confidence with their parenting skills.
  • Parents who wants to learn how to effectively parent in the digital world.
  • Parents who feel their child is not making progress with learning expected behaviors, communication/social skills, executive functioning skills, self-advocacy skills
  • Parents who are struggling navigating the mental health system and fragmented services.
  • Parents who feel isolated and as if no one understands their situation. Mosaic Haven is here to say we do understand, and you are not alone.
  • Organizations & Service Providers who work cooperatively with special needs families.
  • Organizations & Service Providers who want to bring value to special needs families.
  • Organizations & Service Providers who want to inspire their staff to help the children of all abilities succeed with action steps.

*Note: You purchase these for hour-blocks of support. 

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