11 Executive Functioning Skills

Executive Functioning is a set of mental skills that are controlled by an area of the brain called the frontal lobe, to help us manage time and pay attention. These skills usually develop quickly during early childhood and into adolescence and keep developing into the mid-twenties. Executive Functioning skills are critical for the success of
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Positive Student Experience

Lights! Camera! Action! PROMposals, pictures, handsome boys, beautiful girls, dresses, tuxes, pictures, pictures, pictures … all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat! Parents and guardians are sharing proud moments of their loved ones who are about to graduate from high school with one of the last rituals: prom. However, this can also be a time
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Students at Schools

Is your child highly functional, academically accelerated and also presenting unexpected behaviors? Did they do well in elementary school but have had unexpected behaviors since entering puberty? Has the transition to high school been a challenging experience for your child despite their intelligence? Have they always been very smart but recently started showing signs of
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Engaged Students

Most students benefit from school holidays and breaks. Breaks in formal programming allow most students to rest and to generalize school-learned skills and behaviors to their home and community thereby facilitating new learning outside of the school setting. In addition, most students lose skills during regular breaks from school, but regain them in a short
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Happy Children

Moving up to middle school can be scary for some special needs children and parents/guardians. It is important that the IEP team carefully plan for the transition several months before the end of the elementary school year. Effective planning will give the child time to process the changes prior to the start at the new
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