Future-Ready Transition Program

Life Skills for Special Needs Students

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Let’s Make Sure You’re Ready for the Real World After High School

At Mosaic Haven, we believe that:
A student’s last day of school should look like the first day of the rest of their lives

And the Future-Ready Transition Program is one of the most fun, effective ways we help make that true for your student!

The One-and-Only Customizable Transition Program that Prepares Special Need Students Age 14-21 and all Abilities, for the REAL WORLD!

Our Transition Program is based on 7 core pillars:

1. Independent Living

2. Money Management

3. Social & Emotional Skills

4. Self-Advocacy

5. Community & Safety Awareness

6. Job Exploration & Readiness Skills

7. Life-Long Learning

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Lisa helped me feel confident in knowing what a transition iep looked like.

“Lisa is a powerhouse! When I went to her with help with my daughter who is transitioning from middle school to high school, Lisa broke down the process. Lisa helped me feel confident in knowing what a transition IEP looked like, and what should be included in my daughter’s high school IEP. I highly recommend her services.”

–Courtney, special needs mother

At the Future-Ready Transition Program, Your Special Needs Student Will Experience:

Friendship and Encouragement

Household Responsibilities

Care and Attention from a Professional and Trained Staff

LOTS of Fun

Why Focus on
Postsecondary Transition?

By the time your special needs child is 14, it’s time to start thinking about and planning for their exit from school and the special education system. Most schools are significantly lacking in training, budgeting, and time to teach the life skills and experiences your student needs to be truly prepared for the real world. The Future-Ready Transition Program gives your student a chance to learn, grow, and build new skills alongside their peers and a team of professionally-trained staff who are cheering them on! 

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Mosaic Haven's one-of-a-kind services are exactly what all special needs families need.

“I’m absolutely pleased with the progress Lisa has made with my son in a short period of time. She gave my son the encouragement to learn valuable, independent living tasks that he hasn’t done in a long time… and he does them with a smile! I appreciate how she gave me the tools and tips to keep my son’s progress moving forward.”

–Camille, special needs mother

Want to Make Sure Your Child is Prepared for the Real World After High School?

The Future-Ready Transition Program is all about learning real life skills and building independence in a fun, supportive environment.

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